Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please Let Me Share My Knowledge of Curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With You

Hello and Congratulations!

Why congratulations? Well, if you're a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) you have just discovered what will fast become the best online resource for knowledge on how to cancel out the debilitating condition that, if left untreated and unbeaten - can slowly and surely strangle every last inch of good out of your life. If you feel that you have CFS or know somebody who does then the absolute best thing you can do right now is bookmark/write down this web address/email it to your friend or whatever you need to do so that you can make certain to revisit regularly. By learning what I am going to share and programming new habits around what I'm going to teach will help you cure your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome just like I have. Yes, you have read that correctly - I have recovered from over seven years of utter hell. A very dark and lonely path that I was beginning to think would never end eventually revealed to me numerous solutions like a light at the end of the tunnel - and I mustered every fibre of energy I had left and ran headlong towards that light! Now that I am better, I can't bear to see others suffering the way I did so I want to help.

Over the coming weeks I am going to periodically share all the knowledge I have learnt about CFS and how I, and others I know of have been able to kick it square in the groin. We're talking case studies of sufferers who have fully recovered and gone on to do inspirational things. I'll share the best scientific discoveries and research I know of that makes recovery possible. The very best in mind training and behaviors of thinking that lead to successful acting. How to eat better and bust old bad habits. Wow, there's so much I know that helped me to completely recover, not to mention all the other people I know that have unique insights I didn't see. With all this knowledge we are going to cover all the bases and I'm going to make it interesting, inspiring and exciting! I know exactly how you feel right now and I won't stand to see you suffer any longer. I'm going to provide you exactly what I needed when I was at my lowest lows. Stick with me over the coming weeks and I'll share with you every gem of knowledge I know.

I trust you're excited and ready to begin learning, but before I get into it I'd like to ask you a favour. I realise its tough to find the energy to give when you have none left! I understand completely. What I want you to do though, is take the first action towards complete recovery and I want you to write in the comments below any specific questions you would like answers to. Think about what you want to get away from and avoid and list all those specific things (they may be the feelings of ickiness, the constant sludgy dreariness, the low immune system), or perhaps things you find difficult (such as dealing with people who reject your illness exists, getting through the workday or even out of bed), in addition to things you want to move towards (more happiness, the ability to enjoy a brisk run around the block, or perhaps your old life back). Help me so I can tailor my posts to suit you and we'll both get the most out of this experience in the weeks to come. So write your comments in below and I'll talk to you real soon.

- Sammy